Uncertain (on-going)

It is now more than a year since we (Malaysian) and peoples around the globe are battling with the pandemic. We, Malaysian were able to reach zero daily cases back then in 2020. But, now everything has become like a futile effort. I watched the news, some regions in the world are slowly recovering from this pandemic and in other regions the virus sudden rages were terrifying.

Many SOPs (Standard Operating Procedure) were introduced and implemented in a way to break the chain of Covid-19. We did our best to constrain the outbreak. But somehow it looks like it’s almost impossible to contain the virus. 

I don’t know what went wrong? Is it because of our ignorance? Or the methods are meant to suffocate and kill us slowly? I lost my faith in our government, I lost hope in people and I lost my own self. I give up on everything.

I am scared of my current state, my soul breaks into pieces and then it goes missing. Has my soul been taken away? Are the pieces hiding away from me? I tried to find the broken pieces, but it was not easy. It was dark. It was too dark until it made you see what was in the air, it made you sense a weird scent, it made you overhear beyond your hearing and it made you think evil thoughts.

Through the darkness I picked up my camera and I was hoping that my passion could lead me to find back those pieces. I felt the unbearable burden on my right hand while I am holding the camera. I use my tripod to hold the camera, it is completely steady and weightless, like my right hand used to. Since then I have started to document my own disappointment. I hope we can end this sooner.


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