The Malay

According to the constitution of Malaysia, a person of Malay birth must observe Islam. It also states that, as a Malay, We must be fluent in the Malay language and practice Malay culture and traditions. In this, We being told to be both a good Muslim and a good Malay. However, it is not easy to navigate the pressures of the modern world and continue to identify as Orang Melayu particularly amongst the young men. I have narrowed the scope of the project and am focusing on specific groups of Malays, particularly Silat and Kuda Kepang performers, Mat Rempit (the young biker gangs), the marginalized LGBT, subculture millennial Malay, the Tabligh Quranic followers and etc. I would like to document my fellow Malays as we explore ideas of identity in the 21st century as we proud of choices we made to define our self.

Status (on-going) 

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